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The official date of the Baltictech 2011 Conference has been confirmed now. It will be held between 19th-20th of November in Hotel Gdynia. Please mark your calendars and schedules for this important diving event. More details coming soon.


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The BalticTech2010 conference is over now.
We would like to thank all of you for being a part of this event and realy hope to see you next year!

Here are the Grand Prix Photo BalticTech2010 results:

  1. st place - ALEX DAWSON
  2. nd place - Leszek Legat
  3. rd place - Jakub Świątkiewicz

The Computer SUNNTO HeLo2 draw:

All correctly filled polls took part in the computer SUUNTO HeLo2 draw.

The lucky winner was: Tomasz Gąsowski from Szczecin

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!!

Baltictech 2010 "The best of!"
by Jerzy Abramowicz

Baltictech 2010 - TV News
by Telewizja Polska SA

  6-7 November 2010, certainly will last for long in the memory of those who choose to participate in the fourth installment of the Conference of the Baltic Sea Region Divers - Baltictech 2010 This year the organizers as the location of the largest dive exhibition in the central-eastern part of Europe chose Gdynia.
  Appetites of involved in the preparation of the entire project were high, due to a very successful three previous editions of BalticTech. Each year the interest in the conference among the divers, and exhibitors grows. The level of the lectures is increasing, and the invited guests are recognized authorities diving world, and from whom to learn if not from the masters?

This year, the first lectures preceded the official opening of the conference and guests welcome, which was made by Tomasz Stachura, and Vice President of Gdynia - and certified divers P3 - Boguslaw Stasiak.

As the first Casey McKinley began with his lecture on the exploration of caves by the Woodville Karst Plain Project. He particularly stressed the value of teamwork, and explain how responsible is diving under this project. During next part of his speech,he talked about the record dives conducted with Jarrod Jablonski, where using a whole bunch of equipment, they spent eleven hours on an average depth of 90m, and then had to take decompression lasted seventeen hours! After watching the video McKinley tried to answer the questions from the audience about such a long dive.

Simultaneously in another room, guests had the opportunity to participate in underwater photography workshops, conducted by Paul Hyjek - "How to get started." presentations: "Overloading of the lower spine" and "Proceedings after the knee injuries." You do not need to emphasize the burden which the technical diver body meets while diving. Dr Wrobel explained need of developing muscles , and showed how abnormal posture, increases the load on our spine. He also presented the most common causes leading to the problems and diseases, and the proceedings to be taken after the injuries. The section about the knee, was a reminder of a lecture from last year, which the audience considered as the best during Baltictech 2009.

Those who remember well last year's speech of dr. Wrobel, had the opportunity to participate in workshops in which Sebastian Popek, explained how to plan a diving expedition. Charismatic diver from the UK - Phil Short, gave a lecture about a topic that has aroused much discussion last year, and is concerned with CCR diving. Phil told in which way rebrether is tested on the phase of production and explained how important it is to take care of equipment . He also reminded about procedure which should be kept to increase safety during the dive using the CCR.

In the workshop room, Wojtek Philip approached the audience how to take care of their own diving equipment. Particular attention he drawn to the appropriate selection of the basic elements of our equipment and their correct configuration. He explained also, what should have a well-designed equipment such as a mask, tank, regulator or valves.

Those one's for whom the mysteries and treasures hidden by the deep sea are the essence of diving, the lecture of Anders Nasman and Christian Anders Ekstrom certainly aroused the imagination. Their story about the discovery of the oldest champagne suitable for drinking by the coast of Aland islands, was certainly an incentive for many to take an interest in the exploration of similar finds, and for others belief that it is worthwhile to continue their projects and searches on Baltic. At the same time those who were interested in proper gas planning ware able to attend classes by Luke Piorewicz.

During lunch, there was an opportunity to exchange comments and share insights. After the break, classes in the lecture room resumed Sebastian Popek, who shared the experiences about project organization in example of "Thunder 2010". His presentation was full of photo and video materials, which was recorded during the dives. He approached both the history of the individual,and circumstances of its sinking,as well as the current state of wreck nowadays. He also described a two-year journey that had to by passed to be able to go under the water. Sebastian described in detail the equipment configuration of the teams that participated in the project, as well as the specificity of dives in this location. The information gained by the expedition,can help to answer questions about the sinking of the "Thunder".

For those who chose to participate in workshops held at the same time, Aneta Jarzabek presented the warm-up techniques to be used prior to intense physical effort.

Finally came the moment in which knowledge and experience, shared a true icon of technical diving and legendary founder of IANTD - Tom Mount. During his lecture, "Dynamics of Survival," Tom drew attention to the role of emotions during the dive and gave examples of irrational behavior with we meet under the water. The whole speech was enriched with many stories, from his own experience, collected over decades.

About how to reduce gases consumption during the dive, told well-known Polish free diver - Tomasz Nitka.

All who wish to broaden their knowledge of deep stops, had the opportunity to participate in course, which ran dr Jacek Kot. He described the decompression models, the differences between them and how they evolve. With the help of slides he presented experiments that have not confirmed the effectiveness of deep stops. Conclusion of the lecture, prompted us to use rigorous decompression, in which there is no room for shorten time by the use of deep stops.

In the same time, the company Cortland, shown us how to use the technology and solutions from Apple to edit videos.

Time for the last guest of the day. Hall fully filled with people, best captures the interest aroused by the person of Jarrod Jablonski, president of the organization GUE and Halcyon. Subject of the meeting was "Diving on the Britannic wreck - risk logistics. After approximating liner history, he focused on the risks involved in such deep dive. In conclusion he introduced Carl Spencer fatal accident, description which clearly showed the importance of standardization of procedures at such a difficult dives.

The first day of lectures came to an end.
A record number of 440 participants had the opportunity to participate in the fifteen lectures.
During lectures, guests had an opportunity to visit exhibitors room.

After a short break, we all met for dinner, combined with the award of prizes in the Grand Prix Photo Baltictech 2010.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, event has been interrupted and completed the next day.
After the official part there was a time to relax in the company of other divers.

The second day of the conference was opened by Nick Toussaint, with the lecture "Oxygen Drop - in pSCR ." Grate party last night at the Boolvar club, affected with the reduced number of people in lecture room.

During Nick lecture, the creator of great diving movies - Sławek Paćko, shared his experience and approached the specificity of filming in the Baltic Sea.

After that Jarrod Jablonski had speech about differences between cave diving and wreck diving. He underlined items that divers should practice the most, taking up the topic of technical diving. Tom Mount, talked about the development of modern technical diving. Due to his experience , he also talked a lot about history of technical diving. In the workshop room Piotr Stos was telling how to increase quality of our pictures using computers techniques.

Phil Short at the presentation talked about his experience in cave diving. The Englishman was able to build great tension, and the stories involving him picked up a lot of audience attention.

At the next workshop, Pawel Porebapresented a number of interesting exercises leading to perfect bouncy.

Christian Ekstrom had last speech, during it he approached the specificity of diving on Alands islands.

After last lecture organizers drew prizes founded by exhibitors.

Tomasz Andrukajtis

Here is a short movie from drawing:

Baltictech 2010 photo galery:

Your opinions:

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